Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Day,In Pain.

Not having a good day, It's very cold here in Sandbach today.
I've taken all my pills, and decided that i'm better off keeping warm inside today.
Looks like it will freeze here tonight.
John is being very helpful, Edward has gone off to bed for his afternoon nap.
I'm looking forward to having a week or so away up in Rochdale with John's parents, I can have a good rest.
Hopefully I get a few lie ins to.
Edward gave me a lovely big cuddle this morning and brought me some of his toys to play with, I couldn't get hold of some of them to fiddlely.
Anyway soaked my hands in my pain relief cream, and there working much better now.
John is going to make our dinner (tea) tonight sweet and sour pork with his delicious homemade egg fried rice.
Think i will be having an early night...eventually got into bed at midnight...didn't sleep to well, just couldn't get comfy.
Lady Sarah.


  1. Well I'm not to good at all today.
    Going to take some more pills now, see if they help.
    Yesterday wasn't much of a good day either.
    I haven't been out to the nursery today, in fact i've not been out of the house.
    Edward keeps me entertained although he's asleep now.
    I'll be back soon.
    Lady Sarah.

  2. Had some more painkillers now.
    I've just been looking at my favorite cruise liners, cunards Queen Mary 2,Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.There all at sea at the moment, Queen Mary is going through the Panama canal which looks huge. Queen Elizabeth is on a world cruise at the moment she arrives at the panama canal.
    Anyway one day i might be able to go on ne of those beautiful big cruise liners, i've watched both Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria leave Liverpool docks, that was a brilliant experience.
    Hopefully we'll get to see Queen Elizabeth there later this year.

    John is now preparing our tea, Edward is still fast asleep.

    I'm going to log off for a while now.
    See you later.
    Lady Sarah.

  3. Friday 28th Jan 2011

    Not having such a good day. Having alot of trouble with my back and hips today.

    The painkillers haven't really done much either.
    I restful day today....for me....
    Anyway I can get loads done on my blog, strangly enough my hands aren't aching much today.

    Of for lunch now soup and sandwiches today.

    I'll be back later unles I go for a sleep...which I might just do...

    Lady Sarah.

  4. Saturday 29th Jan 2011

    Up at 9am, still suffering with back and hip ache..Had all my pills and just been told to rest for the

    Not sure why I'm in so much pain, as I've not really done to much this last week, as I was suppoed to be having a rest.....

    Everyone is being very helpful with Edward, he's being very well behaved too...Although he's been a real handful this morning.

    Looking forward to coffee today as John's brother is coming over to help out....

    I'm not doing to much other than looking after myself and Edward when nessesary.

  5. Not to bad today, mind you the weather has changed again.

    Still struggling with my hip not sure why it's so painful today.

    I'm going to try and go for a walk later as sometimes that eases the joint...

    I did have quite a good nights sleep only got up once.
    Lady Sarah.

  6. Friday 4th Feb 2011

    I'm having to go off to the doctors today as I'm having alot of pain in my right hip and both knees.

    And I need some more medication as I've almost run out.

    I'm having alot if pain when I go up and down stairs and I didn't have a very good nights sleep last night, I just couldn't get comfy and the wind outside kept me awake too...

    John is being very helpful and Edward is just being quite good but wont leave anything alone...

    Edward slept from 6-30pm until 6-50am ...

    My hands aren't to bad today but I did put my cream on them just as I was getting up, so they didn't ache as much as everything else.

    Anyway I should be in less pain in a couple of hours when I get my pills and other creams..

    Lady Sarah.

  7. Saturday 5th Feb 2011

    The pain in my hips and knees has eased slightly.

    I'll probably get another hot bath later on as they seem to help too.

    And my cream for my hands is also working well on my knees, i can use it on any muscle or's very good stuff.

    Lady Sarah.

  8. Sunday 13t Feb 2011.

    This weather is not helping my athritis much, I've been not so bad this morning but now I'm aching all over, my back hips and knees are really painfull, so I going to have some painkillers to see if they'll ease any of the pain....
    We've just put Edward in bed for his afternoon he was rubbing his eyes and yawning....
    I think I should of climbed in to my bed too...

    My hands aren't to bad today and I have used my painkilling cream on them....

    John is cooking dinner tonight...something really romantic (not) pie and chips with veg..and gravy....

    I making us a nice roast dinner for tomorrow night as tomorrow is valentines day...we always have a speical meal either at home or we got out...We couldn't get a babysitter for this year so I decided to make us something very tasty....

    Think we'll end up watching loads of romantic films....

    Lady Sarah.

  9. Thursday 17th Feb.

    I'm not having a good evening, I'm in a lot of pain in my back,right knee and hip and my right ankle is all swollen up again...and very painful too....Think I've over done it I've had some more painkillers and have me feet up on a stool...and I'm off for a bath soon and an early night...I think they will both help...I just hope that I'm not going to spend another few weeks in a lot of pian again like I did a few weeks ago....

    I think I might just have a lie in tomorrow too...unless I feel any different....

    I hate it when I start having a lot of pain...the thing is...that these pianful times are getting a lot more frequent..and I don't like having this....

    John is very good at looking after me... and knows just what I need and when I need my pills and he's great with Edward too...In fact he's had to look afte him alot when I'm really bad I just let him take over... If he need to know anything...he knows he can just ask....

    Lady Sarah.

  10. Saturday 19th Feb.

    I didn't have a good nights sleep again and I'm still in pain with my back and hips...Just hope that I'm feeling better for later on today as we're at my mothers for dinner for her birthday..which is tomorrow, but we can't make it we're busy .....So I#m feeling pretty fed up..It's all the same as I had a few weeks ago...I've just tried to ease it abit with some pilates exercises which do helpmsome days gentle stretches and turning does sometimes help...I attended a classes last year to learn basic pilates and yes it does helpsome days...but not today...I'll try some more later...
    As for the diet I'm feeling alot more positive to day...3 days in to it and things are going well....might not tonight as I do not know what mother is making for dinner...I can always say it's my treat...and she usually make very delicous desserts....which are full of calories...I'll only have a small piece though...
    Lady Sarah.