Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another One of my Hobbies

I have had a real passion for fairground art for many years and have owed and still do own several fairground rides.

I've been painting and help re-paint quite a lot of fairground rides and lots of animals off many different rides.
My favorite to re-paint are galloper horses.

I'll have to post some photos later , Can't get any on this page right  now.

I started painting fairground rides in 2004 and really enjoy doing it, I've restored a set of 1930's swing boats and help to restore an 1893 set of juvenile galloppers.

I also do a lot of work on hauted houses and hope that some time in hte very near future that I will with the help of John build our own haunted house.

I'll be starting the re-paint another set of juvenile gallopper horses later on this year, so I going to be very busy this summer.

Lady Sarah.

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  1. Monday 28th Feb.
    Well I'm also getting ready to start re-painting my little horses as they are ready to do again this year...
    We're going to a specialist paint shop in a few weeks time to pick up some new colours for me to use as well as real gold paint as we've almost run out of that,It cost quite alot but it's worth using it as you get such a great finish...
    I also need some new paint brushes and lining brushes too...
    I use sable brushes as you get very few lines in the paint and they do leave a nice clean line too...I'll be going up to the unit to paint the horses as I need quite a bit of space to do each one and theya re going to be stripped back down to there gelcoat and re-ecth primed so I should get a really good finish on them this time...
    I find that after 2 years they need re-painting as they get scrstched from shoe buckels and kids climbing on and off them....This time they will get properly varnished too, as we have decided not to take them out this year...
    I will post some pictures of each stage when I get going with them as it would be good to keep a photographic record of how the painting is progressing....Lady Sarah.